About Me


I’m Lindsey.

I am an imperfect human created fearfully and wonderfully by a God who loves me unconditionally.

This blog is a space where I hope to share my story and connect with others.

I am  in recovery from an eating disorder after suffering from this illness for most of my life.

I am not a diagnosis. I am not my illness. I am not my struggles. I am not a number, or a size. Yes, those things are part of who I am, but only part.

I am nurse, and yoga teacher on the side.

I call Cocoa Beach, Florida my hometown, and live in Nashville TN. I’m a lover of wine, the outdoors, travel, peanut butter, hockey, and sleeping late. I’m married to a sports fanatic and have a giant, furry, 4-legged child affectionately known as The Moose.

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